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Life can become a difficult puzzle at times for any one of us. Sometimes we just need a piece of information or a different perspective to help us on our way. Sometimes we become disoriented or overwhelmed and we need help to get beyond all the confusing detail to see the big picture. Sometimes we become stuck or find ourselves broken and struggling to identify and fit into place those missing pieces needed before we can move forward. CarePoint exists to assist people at such times in their life by helping and empowering them to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. With understanding, integrity and professionalism, our counsellors seek to encourage and equip people to successfully deal with life’s challenges.

CarePoint Counsellors are holistic in their approach, honouring and taking into account each person’s emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and physical dimensions of life.

CarePoint Counsellors are Blue-Card holders and are checked and authorised by the Queensland Government Commission for Children & Young People to work with children.

Counselling and Psychotherapy have been proven to facilitate positive life-long changes and are effective and low cost alternatives in the treatment of many personal and relational difficulties …

Personal Issues

Relationship Issues

CarePoint does not provide crisis or telephone counselling. Persons should report suicidal impulses to their General Practitioner or other medical treatment provider (e.g. local hospital). In cases of emergency, organisations such as Lifeline (13 11 14) provide 24 hour crisis counselling.